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How to: Take care of your Playing Cards

Playing Cards are meant to be used, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t care about how you treat them. Afterall, they can be very expensive and buying new ones over and over won’t be cheap in the long run.
So, what can you do to use your playing cards for as long as possible?

Store Your Playing Cards 

Your standard playing cards are usually made out of three layers; Two layers paper and one layer glue. So, storing Playing Cards is like storing any other type of material made out of paper: You should always keep them at a dry and cool place. Besides that, keep your Playing Cards tight together, so that they won’t warp over time. Preferably in a box (for example a brick box in which 12 decks perfectly fit). You should also consider to store this brick box in another, a little bit bigger card board box, just so that moisture can’t get to your cards at all.

Odd Bods

Use Multiple/Cheap Decks










Make sure to change the decks you use  every day. This way, your playing cards will  have time to rest and the paper won’t be  stressed too much. If you use the same deck every day for multiple hours, the paper won’t  have enough time to relax itself.

Another thing, that might seem obvious, is that you should only use cheap decks to practice and more expensive decks for your performances. In the end, it’s just paper. So normal Bicycle Rider Backs, Bee’s or Tally-Ho’s are always good enough for practicing new moves, etc.

Handle your Playing Cards

Make sure to always use your laying cards with clean hands. Almost all Playing Cards by USPCC have an air-cushion finish, which means that there are tiny pockets of air between playing cards, that can be easily filled by little particles like dirt, which will result in them not gliding as smooth anymore. The same goes for other finishes, for exmaple the Linoid Finish by Tally-Ho; Avoid your cards to get dirty. If your playing cards fall to the ground, dribble or spring them in your handBitcoin Playing Cards and just blow out the dirt. This will remove some of the dirt and will make your playing cards last even longer. There isn’t a ‘‘five-second-rule’’ for playing cards. Once they get in contact with the ground or another surface, they’ll be dirty, no matter how clean the ground/surface seems to be.
Always make sure to keep your playing cards in their tuck box, so that they have at least a tiny bit of protection. Carrying around your playing cards losely will just wore them out faster. We all love and use playing cards. Some as a hobby, some more professional. One thing in common is the constantly usage and purchase of playing cards. Especially a custom deck can be very expensive, but if you follow the tips above and always take care of your decks, you’ll have fun with them for a long, long time.


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