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is a Japanese toy company formed in 1933. They began as a manufacturer and retailer of traditional games, indoor pursuits and other toys. Their headquarter is in Japan, Tokyo.

Creative ideas, good quality, and a friendly service was always in the focus of Hanayama. Now, seventy years later, Hanayama continues to make board games, puzzles, and bingo games that are guaranteed to be the life of the party gatherings for people of all ages.
Huzzle Cast Cake
Today, Hanayama is best known for their "Cast" series of cast zinc disassembly puzzles, which include reproductions of older designs, and new puzzles by Oskar van Deventer and Akio Yamamoto. Oskar van Deventer is a Dutch puzzle maker & senior scientist at TNO (Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research). His work combines mathematics, physics, and design. Akio Yamamoto is a Japanese puzzle designer, responsible for many of the Cast Puzzles in the Hanayama series. He has been making disentanglement, co-ordinate motion and a range of mechanical puzzles from the age of twenty.
The name ‘to HUZZLE’ comes from 'to hug and nuzzle' & ‘to cast’ (all of the puzzles are cast out of zinc). They’re getting made in Japan & assembled by hand.
The difficulty level for the Huzzle Puzzles varies from ‘Level 1’ (Fun; Not very challenging) to
‘Level 6’ (Grand Master; Very challenging and only meant for more knowledgable puzzle solver).
The puzzles come in small packages, with little gold foil details on it. They’re perfect as gifts or for collectors. However, they’re still meant for adults, so I wouldn’t recommend the Cast Puzzles to children under the age of 13.

Hanayama has always put much attention on quality and details, and exactly this attention reflects in all of their products, but mostly their Puzzles. It’s almost guaranteed that they’ll put a smile on your face & enlight your inner passion for mistery and problem solving.
Huzzle Cast Harmony - A ‘G clef’ and ‘eighth note’ interwine as if they’re playing music

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